Chapter of Rose Croix (15°–18°) 

The degrees of the Chapter of Rose Croix (15th through 18th) are very complex. They attempt to invest the candidate with a deeper understanding of Religion, Philosophy, Ethics, and History. The intellectual challenges presented in these degrees, is at times overwhelming, and can take years to master. A thorough reading of the chapters related to them in Morals and Dogma and in the Legenda and Readings is essential to achieve even a basic comprehension of their true meaning


  • 15° - Knight of the East

  • 16° - Perfect Master

  • 17° - Confidential Secretary

  • 18° - Provost and Judge

The symbol of the Chapter Rose Croix (15º-18º) is gold colored and depicts a compass opened to sixty degrees, resting upon a graduated segment. Between the compasses and the arc appears a pelican, in silver, piercing its breast to feed its young, which are in a nest under it and seven in number. Behind the pelican springs a branch of green acacia and above it is a crimson Passion Cross. At the intersection of its arms is a crimson rose in bloom. On the summit of the compasses is an antique crown. On the segment of the arc is the True Word, in the cipher of the degree. The pelican tearing its breast to nourish its young is a symbol of every philanthropist and reformer who has offered up his life for the benefit of humanity, and so teaches us an exhaustless munificence toward all mankind, and especially toward the needy and defenseless. The reverse side of the emblem (below) depicts a silver eagle with its wings spread and head depressed beneath a crimson Passion Cross. The password for the degree appears in cipher on that side.