Lodge of Prefection (4°–14°) 

The 4th through 14th degrees are called Ineffable Degrees because their principal purpose is the investigation and contemplation of the ineffable name of Deity. The degrees amplify the legend of the Master Mason degree, and stories of the biblical era, leading up to the building of King Solomon’s Temple. These degrees are designed to impress more forcefully the teachings of the first three degrees. Each of our degrees takes it theme from one of the many names of God, “God is Love”, “God is Merciful”, “God is Just”.  Scottish Rite Masons know that they are not perfect, but that there is a path to Perfection.


  • 4° - Secret Master

  • 5° - Perfect Master

  • 6° - Confidential Secretary

  • 7° - Provost and Judge

  • 8° - Intendant of the Building

  • 9° - Elu of the Nine

  • 10° - Elu of the Fifteen

  • 11° - Elu of the Twelve

  • 12° - Master Architect

  • 13° - Royal Arch of Solomon

  • 14° - Perfect Elu



The symbol of the Lodge of Perfection (4º-14º) is gold colored and depicts a compasses, open to sixty degrees, resting upon a graduated segment which bears the Roman numerals III, V, VII, IX. Suspended from the hinge is a radiant five pointed star, and on the summit of the compasses is a crown. The compasses remind us that science, united to honor and virtue, made the architects of the temple the companions of kings; and that the men of intellect and learning, the great kings of thought in all ages, should be, as Plato taught, the rulers of the world.