Knight Commander Court of Honour

The rank of Knight Commander of the Court of Honour is not a Degree but an investiture bestowed upon members deserving recognition for faithful services to the Rite. The respective Sovereign Grand Inspectors General or Deputies nominate members for this honor, and who must be unanimously approved by the Supreme Council. This Investiture is a prerequisite for receiving the Thirty-third Degree at some later time, though relatively few receive this distinction.


A Knight Commander of the Court of Honour is a Scottish Rite rank peculiar to the Southern Jurisdiction, except that our Supreme Council has permitted the Supreme Council for the Philippines (part of our Jurisdiction until 1949) to continue the practice as one of their special honors bestowed.


Inspector General Honorary of the Thirty-third Degree

During the Biennial Session of the Supreme Council, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General and Deputies nominate a small number of members who are Knights Commander Court of Honour to receive the Thirty-third Degree. A committee reviews the nominations, but the Supreme Council must vote on every nomination. Members unanimously elected become honorary members of the Supreme Council. The Thirty-third Degree may not be requested. The Degree is conferred solely out of recognition for outstanding services.


Inspector General Honorary of the 33

Anchorage         M.W. James Herrington

                             Jim Griffith


Fairbanks           David Worel


Juneau                John Barnett


The cap for an Inspector General Honorary is white with a white band edged in gold, featuring the symbol for this honorary Degree - a red slanting Patriarchal Cross. The only difference between the jewel of the Thirty-third

Degree and that for an Active Member of the Supreme Council is that the latter is larger.

The cap of the Knight Commander Court of Honour is red with a darker red band trimmed in gold. In the center front is a representation of the Knight Commander Jewel, a Passion Cross with fancy arms, featuring in the center a trefoil embroidered in green encircled by the

2013 Honorees


Knight Commander Court of Honor

Anchorage         David Oaks

                            Dennis Oakland

                            Bruce Kling


Fairbanks           Kevin McKinley


Juneau                Edward Kalwara

                             John Osborn

"Kt. Comm. Court of Honour" embroidered in gold. The symbol used often, the tripod, was regularly used in formal Masonic documents in place of a period in the abbreviation of formal titles. Its use is maintained as a tribute to the Craft’s distinguished past in much Masonic writing today, such as in the Scottish Rite Journal, but it may be and often is replaced by a standard period.